Our Work

IT Developers Group, Inc. undertakes innovative projects that bridge the gap between the business and technology. Some projects are at the level of state-of-the-art technology, while others focus on simplicity. In all cases, our projects strive to create new structures for facilitating and strategically place a business to achieve important long-term goals.

eFirstClass, an Example of Pos Optimization and Mobility by ITDG


Since 2004, ITDG has assisted a top banking institution by designing this application processing system used by automotive dealers in Puerto Rico using real-time, high volume data interfacing processes.

From an end-user perspective, dealers have multiple data entry options including mobile devices. From the bank’s perspective the solution provides a completely automated workflow which interfaces with multiple internal and external systems.

We have a continuous maintenance and support contract in order to keep optimizing these sales processes for their multi-million dollar portfolio. Without a doubt, this solution has become one of the key backbone systems for this client, and has served as a prototype for other client touch point applications.

IMAPS, an Example of Custom Made Application by ITDG


ITDG designed and developed iMAPS after the evaluation and analysis of the required functionality to generate the checks associated with the closing phase of a mortgage loan processing. iMAPS provides for the Mortgage institutions a complete “custom made” check management solution. Since its development, iMAPS has successfully worked as the main solution that map the unique business processes for the institutions where it is installed.

Novotek, an Example of Digitalization and Exam Administration by ITDG


ITDG helped an educational services provider by developing a state-of-the-art exam administration platform. Our solution allows to administer thousands of exams in a short timeframe to different grade level students within the private school network.

This solution incorporated different elements of data capture technologies such as OMR, OCR, ICR, and barcoding. This technical solution was built around a robust operational process which entails design of exams by grade levels, automated exam grading, grading issues identification as well as quality control tools.

Our multiyear relationship with our client has resulted in an excellent client-vendor relationship with federal government agencies interested in measuring efficiencies in tutoring programs of hundreds of private schools in Puerto Rico which in turn has an impact on over 20,000 students.

Oriental, an Example of KPI's Reporting Dashboard by ITDG


A recognized banking client requested ITDG to develop a sophisticated reporting dashboard solution. Our solution provides them with a rich graphical user interface demonstrating key performance indicators for each and every one of their geographically dispersed point of sales locations.

This type of operational support tool allows key executives to monitor branch performance in areas such as daily sales, customer contacts, and information requests.

The graphical interface created allows for simple user navigation in an intuitive graphical design which allows top management to get the information they need in order to undergo responsive action to client needs in today’s complex market.

BowlEra, an Example of Reservation And Payment Processing by ITDG


A state-of-the-art bowling arena is supported by an ITDG solution where clients can remotely reserve bowling lanes for specific dates and hours. The solution also includes a payment processing interface for multiple payment type options.

Our solution approach was focused on effectively deploying a robust web-based solution with public access, yet integrating key data security controls to safeguard financial transaction data.

A multi-user application such as this also includes the ability to control access to system modules by preconfiguring specific user roles, hence allowing for operational controls through segregation of roles and responsibilities.